Toys and More Toys…

We have a small house with a lot of toys. Everyone gives toys to my boys throughout the whole year. Toys in their toy room, toys in every room. They do not even play with them. And here, Christmas is coming and so are more toys. My head was screaming RUUUUUUUN!!! Then I remembered a conversation I was having with a friend about having so many toys. She informed me that children are so overstimulated with so much stuff that they cannot focus on a thing. So, she got rid of most toys and now her son plays with them and is more focused.

That in itself, got me to thinking…and thinking…my boys have so many toys…soooo many toys. I do not have room for more. They do not even play with their toys. I remember every toy I had because I had so few, I wore them down from so much use. And this gave me an idea.

I took all of the toys, dumped them all on the floor in a pile and told the boys. “There are children in the world that do not have toys, and we have too many. Please, take toys out that you would want to give to other kids so they have things to play with.” They started without a fuzz (I love their kind hearts), putting toys in a basket, until Angel Face (almost 3) asked if he could give his toy phone to his baby cousin. “Of course!” I said absolutely delighted. My big guy (Piece of Heaven) lit up and they picked a couple of toys they wanted to give to their cousins. After what felt like ten hours. We had a great amount of toys that were going out.

I set up their room with stations and now because they have no clutter and not so many toys, they take turns playing with things. My Big Guy gave me the biggest surprise ever by creating his train tracks with all but 5 of the tracks!!! All connected minus one end. He was so proud of himself (Proud Momma here), I took a picture and sent it to daddy at work and of course, the Grandparents!

That does not stop Christmas from coming! Well, I cut back considerably this year on my end. I bought my boys, a Crayola bin full of crafty things, The leap Frog Leap Band because it was their top choice, Transformers underwear, a kickball, a movie, an anatomy Leap Book (we read every night) and dinosaur pajamas. For my big boy (4) a 2 wheel scooter and my “wittle”guy (2) a blue balance bike because they both asked so nice. (When they really want something, they explain why they want it in the most adorable manner, I can’t resist!) For their stocking, they are getting tons of Pay-Doh, soccer socks with shin guards and I am thinking of maybe adding one more little thing to the stocking, but I am not sure what.

Grandma is getting the boys Leap Pads that I am planning on using as a reward to their Big Helper Charts for limited times. And also lots of craft things which will fit in the Crayola bin. As for everyone else. I don’t know what they are getting them, but we will soon find out and maybe it will be time for another donation!


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