This New York Type of Weather…

Before you roll your eyes at me and tell me to move, I wanted to say that it wasn’t in the stars. Moving from the age of 10 from Puerto Rico to New York, it was quite the shock to find out that snow was NOT made out of crumbled foam. There was no turning back though! I also found out that I broke out in hives when I got too cold. No good, but fast forward 11 years, I decided, I was going to move to the city, 2 hours away from the middle of nowhere, to get some money and move to sunny MIAMI, FLORIDA!!!

Ah, yes…I put security deposit and 1st month’s rent into a studio apartment and had $200 left. I just hoped that I would find myself a job quickly so that I would not have to go back to Nowhere Village. I applied at every restaurant on the block and a man who saw me, asked if I was lost.  He was very nice and respectful, unlike the majority of men that think my name is “Hey Baby“. So, I decided to tell him I was looking for work. He told me that he knew of a restaurant that he knows would hire me, to meet him the next day at 9am and we’d walk to his job.

I did not feel the stranger danger feeling that I usually felt, so I met him the next morning. Lo and behold, this man took me to a “Fancy” restaurant and they hired me on the spot. This man is an ANGEL!!! On my first day of work, I met my trainer and when he introduced himself, I kid you not, his smile knocked me on my butt, it was so beautiful!!! “ONLY FRIENDS” I though to myself because no one was going to get in my way of sunny Florida…One dog, a career, a wedding, a house, and two boys later. I cannot just up and leave! Hey, no laughing allowed.

So here I am…in this New York weather. Last year I was complaining, I think the whole country was. The below zero weather was NOT normal and if I wanted below zero, I would go to Alaska, BRRRR. But this year though, it snows enough to make snowmen, but then it melts two days later and it’s nice enough to ride your bike in a t-shirt. Christmas Eve, I wore a dress, so warm outside we did not need any layers. Then Christmas Day and the day after was cold. but then today was so sunny and warm, we played outside with just sweaters on.

Seriously, what is going on? I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I feel like I am in Who-ville.  Shades on, shades off, shades back on and then back off again. The sun is shining, unlike every other year that it hibernates which makes everybody grumpy and depressed! I am so grateful, I am so happy! I will take this weather all winter long and then a nice summer. Every year for here on out please, with sugar on top? How about you? What is your kind of weather?

Let me know but only after you go out and enjoy it!

Until Next Time,

Keep the world bright with your smile!!!


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