One Day, Bye 2014!!!

Wellllllll, it looks like we are saying hello to a new year, wooohooo!!! What to do, what to do?!?! Well, for starters I get a BRAND NEW WALL CALENDAR!!!! Yes, I say with enthusiasm to last me about 5 minutes every time I change the month. Reason why is because one of my Christmas gifts involves a calendar with photos our what our family has done. I love it because you can see how my little guys change every month! And really, it’s a album I can keep for ever, ever…ever! (That was an echo, in case you missed it).

Some Exciting news on my end at least…later today a “nameless company” will install the automatic water feeder that they forgot to install when we upgraded out furnace (due to a misunderstanding). Which means that we no longer have to wake up freezing because our furnace ran out of water! (Urkel Dance) Oh, yes I did! And if you do not know what the Urkel dance is (shame on you), youtube it, I hope it gives you the giggles!!! I believe that is a way to start the year right!

So our holiday continues with Three Wise Men on January 6, my birthday on the 11th and my ‘wittle’ guys BIG 3 on the 29th!!! Party central, huh? Right now I am running behind on Three Wise Men because I cannot find rollerblades that would get here in time. But I will stay positive, I am sure I can get them somewhere, if not, then it wasn’t meant to be.

Also, I get to celebrate my birthday with two other lovely people. One Single, beautiful younger gal and a four year old. Fun, but not so fun at the same time. My in laws are leaving for pretty much the whole month to a trip to Disney World (we went last year). It might be a little too quiet for me, but I guess I can deal. I also have Hockey and Soccer practices for the boys and Zumba for me (yay).

Resolutions, resolutions…I do not have any, but what I do desire is changing my lifestyle to be more active. I have already started with the Zumba, but I would like to do more activities and less snacking or whatever it is I am doing to keep this jiggle. FYI, I am not beating myself up over it, if I really wanted it to be gone, it would be gone, but I have a severe decease call “the lazies” and no, I am not ashamed to admit that I am allergic to ‘the burn’ of exercise. But hey, I will get there…

Organization and simplification…a work in progress. That’s all I have to say about that!

Also, I would like to smile more, and not take my life so seriously all of the time. A big one for me is treating my Big Guy who’s only 4, like what he is 4. I have always treated him like he’s bigger. He’s a wonderful child who behaves better than any kid I have ever met, but sometimes I am afraid that I am making him grow up too fast.

Do not get me wrong, I am not waiting till the next year starts, things need to change as soon as you realize that change is due.

Oh, my lovely reader, I am exhausted to the point I do not even know if I am making sense here. So, I will let you go with this…

Love yourself because you are AWESOME!!! Enjoy the rest of the year and



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