Grumpy Mummy

My day started out with my wittle guy waking me up because he was moaning in his sleep. His feet hurt, so I gave him magnesium and he held on to me. I fell asleep and woke up feeling as if I got no sleep at all.

Trying not to be grumpy…I put the boys in the tubby with foam bubble bath. But I think they also woke up on the grumpy side. They were bickering, whyning and picking on each other. For once, I did not know what to do because it is unusual for them to act this way.

The rest of the day felt like it was going in slow motion and no matter how many deep breaths I took, everything struck a nerve.

Even knowing that we had people coming over that I enjoy spending time with did not lighten my mood. But then they came.

We had our cousins over for dinner. We’re more friends than anything. Oddly, the kids did not play like they usually do, but it was truly a relaxing time. We had lasagna for dinner with a salad with poppyseed dressing and my sweet friends brought over flourless chocolate cake. Gotta loooove them!

We had adult time and it felt wonderful! Seriously, there is nothing better than having children that behave so well that it almost feels like they are not there. It felt like a recharge. How fun.

They went home and we played the Chutes and Ladder board game with the boys, before settling in bed and reading a couple bedtime stories. Still, my big guy was slipping back to the cranky side, and I was slipping as well.

The boys are now sleeping and I am writing from my phone again. Which by the way, we have not received our router to receive the internet. Bah Humbug! Better call Verizon tomorrow. But what can I do? Tomorrow will be a great day.

Until next time,

Sleep tight

Two very Long Days

Yesterday, we woke up at Grandma and Papa’s house! When my wittle guy woke up he said, “it’s my birthday, and Grandma is here, and Papa is here, just what I wanted”. We had blueberry pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Hung out for a while then went home to get refreshed rushed to the movies to watch Paddington. Ate lots of popcorn…then I went to a doctors appointment.

After that, we went to Dicks Sporting Goods to buy his birthday present, which he got to open at Soccer Class. His very own soccer ball, he loved it! After Soccer, we went for dinner and ice cream. Thhhhheeen, we went home to open a couple more presents, Captain America costume and pajamas, and a life saber. We also sang happy birthday. Then everyone fell asleep while watching Star Wars. Grandma and Papa spent the night at our house.I stayed up washing baskets of laundry that accidentally got a half a gallon of vinegar spilled on it. And cleaning our bedroom and closet until 2am.

This morning, we had scrambled eggs for breakfast. Grandma and Papa went home. The boys were upset since they have missed them so much when they were gone on vacation.

Daddy and I had to work on our attic because it was very wet from the lack of air circulation. We took a lot of things out and put them aside for donation and put a heater and left the attic door opened so it would air out. Looking good!

While daddy worked hard playing as the evil villain Darth Vader, I finished the closet, our bedroom and the kids room. Then am notified that our Big Guy invited Grandma and Papa out to dinner without Mommy and Daddy. Sooo, Daddy and I decided to go out on a date. We ended up at Outback Steakhouse. It was so nice to sit together alone, having a corona-rita and having dinner. We both apologized for a disagreement we had about the lack of organization in our home and joked about going downtown and falling asleep at the bar.

9pm and we were absolutely exhausted. So we ordered coffee, talked some more and picked up the kids from Grandmas. I must say that our waiter was absolutely wonderful. It was like being waited on by a best friend.

Here I am now comatose trying to type on this phone. My hand is cramping… I did not work out today, nor did I do my drawing. Still, I feel accomplished because that closet was nagging me and it is finally done…happy that my boys are happy and that I got to spend some alone time with my gorgeous husband. And grateful because I truly have a wonderful life.

Until Next Time
Don’t forget to spend time with your loved ones

Happy Birthday Love

I cannot believe you are Three! Growing up so fast, mimicking everything your Big Brother does so that you can keep up. Somewhat being robbed of your babyness. My Angel Face, My Wittle Blue, with eyes that melt my heart, with kisses that bring calm to my soul. I hope you know that I love you so! To infinity and beyond, to the farthest star and back, I “wove” you infinity +1 and 5 times more. Thank you so much for choosing me as your Mommy. Cheers, to this special birthday and to a hundred more!
Mommy woves you!

My Sweetheart

My Big Guy, my Doodle, my Piece of Heaven, my love is the sweetest 4 year old I know. Everybody falls in love with his kindheartedness, he gentleness, his beautiful being. I don’t blame them, he is my sweet love. But I noticed that he is a child that puts everyone else first before himself.
Example number 1: At the bookstore, we went to the train table. He picked up a train and went to go play with it, when another kid came and started to cry because he did not have a train. My big guy without giving it a second thought, gave the train to the little boy and asked me if I would read him a book. Also, if he sees a child crying, he tries to make them happy.
Example number 2: He is not only kind to strangers, but with his family as well. If his cousins want it, he will give it up, if his brother wants it, he’ll give it up. It does not matter how much he wants it himself, he gives it up. He wants others to be happy!
Example number 3: Today, I gave my boys each a lollipop. It was a special treat and they both were very happy! A couple minutes later. My Big Guy comes and says, “here, I am all done.” I take the lollipop suspiciously, say “thank you my love” and put it in my mouth. I take it out and say, “I am all done, you can have it.” He insisted that I would keep it until I told him I was going to toss it if neither of us wanted it. He grabbed it and told me that he just did not want me to be sad for not having a treat.
This is the kind, loving person, I have the privilege to call my son. No matter how much I try engraining into him that he needs to be happy too. That he doesn’t have to give everything up to make others happy all of the time. He still is the most selfless 4 year old I know! What am I going to do with my little love? He truly is one in a million.
Until Next Time,
Love Your Little People

Welcome Home

The boys Grandma and Papa were gone on vacation for almost a whole month. Today, on their way home, we decided to go to their house and have dinner ready. Spaghetti and sauce, the family’s comfort food.
I know my boys missed their grandparents very much. My big guy started complaining that they were gone too long only one day after they left. My Wittle Guy never said anything at all, only that he wanted Papa and Grandma for his birthday. Which is tomorrow! My Wittle Guy is going to be THREE!!!
At their house we were, when Grandma walked through the door. My Big Guy jumped excitedly and ran right over. My Wittle Guy walked over without saying a word. When Grandma gave him his hug. He stood there quietly. Then I look at his face. The bottom lip was out! You know the cute bottom lip babies stick out when they are sad? The absolutely adorable, irresistible lip that makes you want to kiss it? (I love to kiss it) Well, the lip was out, which only meant that he was really sad that they were gone, but so happy that they were home! I teared up because I never thought he was being affected so much.
My Wittle Tough Guy, that makes you work hard for your woven (loving), who makes you jump through hoops for a kiss (except mommy, I have a special pass for unlimited kisses at any time), that is so reserved. He my little M&M. Hard shell full of sweet goodness.
That was a special moment I hope to never forget. I do not think Grandma and Papa are ever going to go on vacation again after that reaction. I think what’s really going to excite him is waking up and realizing that he is waking up at Grandma and Papa’s house on his birthday and that we are spending the whole day together, just like he wanted. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE!!!
Until Next Time,
Enjoy the Little Moments

My Overall Fitness Summary

Okay…I have lost 7 pound in the past 2.5 weeks. My original goal was 10, but I have lost inches and gained a little muscle here and there, so I am okay with 139. I am happy where I am do I will no longer try to lose more. Plus all my clothes are too big for me now! Yay!!! Thanks everyone for the Awesome Support! Big Hugs!!!

Until Next Time,

It is okay if your goal changes

Thumb, Wiggly Son & the Dresser

Doodling my Doodle

Doodling my Doodle

First, I figured I’d draw my Thumb, not bad, not bad. Then my non stop wiggling son, my Doodle, he said “hey, that looks like me!” I did an internal hokey pokey even though he is absolutely gorgeous and looks nothing like this drawing. He could have been sweet talking me, the boy is good. Finally, I Decided to take on the dresser in front of me. Minus the TV on top of it, Not too shabby!