My Perfect Reader

It was funny to receive an assignment to write a letter to what I think would be my perfect reader. I did not even had to think about it because my perfect reader is YOU. If you are reading this, then you were meant to read it for some reason or another. Is it chance, fate, coincidence? It does not matter, you are here and that is the only thing that matters.

Who would I like to reach? The world and if possible any life form for outer space, lol!!! Why not? Maybe something I say may mean something to you, maybe it will mean something to someone else you may know or maybe not. Who knows? The thing I do know is that I do not want to limit myself!

But hey, if you are reading this, thank you soooo very much, I appreciate your time.

Until Next Time,

Do not put limits on yourself (except spending, unless you have tons of money) 🙂


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