Birthday Goodness

So, it’s my birthday and I cry if I want to. Of happy tears of course! Actually, tomorrow is my birthday, but my husband and I have this awful issue. We cannot hold presents from each other for too long. We always end up giving each other presents early because our excitement is just too much. If I buy a christmas present in October, it will never make it to christmas, I convert it to an “I love you” present. I am actually really surprised he held up for however long!

I love drawing, coloring, singing, dancing, just about everything that is about creating something. One thing I was upset about was not being successful in art class. Mrs. Dobouis, made sure to tell me how awful I was, even when I thought I was improving, it was never good. I became so ashamed, I quit. Not very proud of quitting, but anyway, I have been talking about trying again. My sweet love, who does absolutely everything he can to make me happy, surprised me with my gifts below!

DSC_7163He had our cuties pies give them to me (melt my heart). Everything I need to get started. He even is encouraging me to take classes if I want. He truly is the most wonderful person I have met in my life and I do not know what I ever have done to deserve such a blessing. Something that’s not pictured is the beautiful sparkly pink paper he wrapped part of it in! Soooooo pretty!!! This is not the best part of my birthday….no way…the best part of it is that we are going to cuddle and watch a movie!!! I think ice cream cake is also in the plan, so I think it’s my best birthday ever!!!! ***Every birthday with my three boys is my best birthday ever!!!***

I am so beyond excited that I am going to take advantage of my quiet time to get started! YAY!!!


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