Friday “Fitness” Summary


Oatmeal made with 1%Milk, Vanilla, cinnamon and 2 tsp Sugar


Was more snacking than anything


Homemade chili made with stew beef

Snacks include

Trader Joe’s Corn Puffs

Chocolate Milk

Fresh Mozzarella Cheese


Dark Chocolate

I had 5 glasses of lemon water

Total Calories Today: 1224 


Walked the mall (60 minute)

Zumba (30 minutes)

Pelvic Lifts 30

Abdominal Crunches 30

Squats 30

Push Ups 3 Sets of 10

Leg Lifts 30

***According to My Fitness Pal, I will be 133.9 pounds in 5 Weeks***

I know this is not the healthiest meals, but this is what worked for me today, so yay me, and yay YOU!!!!

Until Next Time

Turn up the heat my friends


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