Monday “Fitness” Summary

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Sunny side up Egg

Cup of chocolate milk




I skipped it ***BAD***


Chicken Fajitas, with Sour Cream

lemon water


Raw Almonds

Total Calories Today: 1655


Zumba (60)

Biking (15)

***According to My Fitness Pal, I will be 131.1 pounds in 5 Weeks***

Okay, this was a bad day, bad. I skipped lunch, I went too long without eating. It was not intentional, it was out of pure laziness to not want to make myself something. I was not hungry enough, until then it hit me all of a sudden making me feel sick, hence the almonds. I did not drink enough water, but too much coffee. Days like today kick me in the butt, reminding me that I need to stop being such a lazy bum and make something to eat. But hey, we all make mistakes.

Until Next Time

Do not skip meals


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