Too Much Excitement

I was going to call it a night because it is almost 2am here in New York, but I decided  to look at the list of countries of the people that have visited my site so far! WOW!!! How absolutely AMAZING!!! I know there are many countries in this world, but seeing that people from so far away are reading my site and that I am reading theirs, is the dreamiest feeling EVER!!! Okay, here is my list!

United States 


Japan  (Grandpa told me I must go there)



South Africa

Australia (I will go there some day)

Italy (going there)

Canada (Can see it I live so close 🙂 )

United Arab Emirates (had to google it, soooo neat)


Germany (Ich Liebe dich, is one of the few phrases that stuck with me, it is a hard language to learn)


India (people often think I am from there)

United Kingdom



I think that is so exciting, I had to post about it. But I would absolutely love it if you guys would be so kind to tell me how to say “Good Luck” in your language and of course tell me your language. I feel too giddy for words! Ha, ha!

Until Next Time,

Buena Suerte (Spanish), Good Luck


14 thoughts on “Too Much Excitement

  1. I have only been to Thailand (Krabi) and Indonesia (Medan & Bali). The best place to go because its cheap. Your currency should be more. It will be a very wonderful trip. The beaches there are beautiful. Medan with their volcano. Krabi with their beaches. Bali with their beaches & nightlife.

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