Friday “Fitness” Summary

Sorry my friends, no summary today! Here is the reason why. My Babe got sick, really sick. You know the days when even noises kill you? Yes, one of those days and of course that is the day that the children cry, kick and scream over everything. The day that you end up feeling like the room is spinning because you just can’t regain control of your life. Yeah that day. Whoa! This year has started out very off for our family. My big guy had the bug yesterday, daddy caught it today (everybody knows when daddy gets sick, operations must shut down), my wittle guy complained about his tummy today. I will probably get it when my Babe goes to work. That’s when I get sick, when I am alone with no one to help me. It’s okay though, my boys do take care of me.

So I have been snacking all day, grabbing a piece of chicken here, another one there, I do not know how many calories I have consumed today or how many calories burned. Hopefully, tomorrow everyone will be okay because I rarely make plans with friends and I really do not want to cancel. I NEED ADULT INTERACTION!!!! My sanity meter is almost empty and I must refuel. So…tomorrow I will keep track again!

***UPDATE*** I did a mini workout from theannamatedlife and this short workout made me feel the burn! I had to instantly FOLLOW…So come and follow me to theannamatedlife and burn, baby burn!!!

Until Next Time

Keep on sweating


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