Things To Do in 2015

I have a lot of goals every year, but every time I write the list I lose it. So I figured, I will post it on here and therefore, I will have it forever and ever…ver…er…r. A lot of them have to do with cleaning, but a list is a list and it must be done.

1. Vacation

2. Goal weight 130

3. Upstairs Closet Makeover

4. Fix Roof Leakage

5. Bedroom Makeover

6. Attic clean-out

7. Boys transition to bedroom

8. Bathroom faucet

9. Bigger Garden

10. New Wardrobe

11. Read more books

12. Take more photos

13. Doodle more

14.Be more spontaneous

15. Have date nights at least once a month

16. Look into other neighborhoods

17. Teach my Big Guy to Read

18. Try Yoga

19. Look into going back to school

20. Taking a weekend trip by myself

21. Make a portrait

22. Spend every sunny warm day outside

23. Be more patient

24. Try to help somebody every day

25. Fix the windows

26. Winterize the back porch

27. play more sports

28. Teach the boys Spanish

29. Play more

30. Write a letter to my sister

31. Bake bread from scratch

32. Bake cookies & Cake

33. New hair (whoa)

That is all I could think of right now, considering the fact that I am feeling as if I have no brain cells right now. But if I think of more, I will add them on.


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