Olaf, Why Aren’t You Made of Snow?

Jay Cupcake

Jay Cupcake harassing me

While the dog is sitting here harassing me. I had a great day with the boys today. We went to see the “cast” from Frozen. There was Elsa, Anna, Hans, Christoph and of course lovable Olaf. Truthfully, considering that it was a $20 photo, the wigs were awful. Well, as excited as they were to go meet their favorite snowman, something happened. My Big Guy was not happy and would not smile for the photo. My Wittle Guy was beside himself, he does this little thing where he covers his mouth to hide that beautiful smile of his. This is the photo I ended up with.


He liked the inflatable Olaf Better… 0 Dollars!!!


I was aggravated…but then I thought about the conversation we had in the van about it all before we got there. He told me he did not want to take a picture with Hans, because he is not nice. He is not honest.  I told him that he can tell Hans what he feels and that if he wanted, we could ask for just a photo with Olaf. Mommy forgot to mention it while we were there.

On our way out I asked him, “why didn’t you smile Big Guy?” He looks at me with his beautiful green eyes and begins. “You said I was going to take a picture with Olaf, but when I got there, it wasn’t the real Olaf, because Olaf is made out of snow and this one wasn’t and so I wasn’t happy and so I didn’t want to smile because it made me sad that it wasn’t Olaf. It would’ve been better if we ate there, because I like it there, but you took me to see an Olaf that wasn’t real and I didn’t get to eat the good food.” Oh boy, he sure told me!

Thing is, it is this beautiful restaurant where we usually go for the Christmas buffet, but this buffet I did not want to pay $30 plus $20 for a picture, plus I did not think that they would care about eating there. On top of it, the buffet was sold out, and I felt bad so I did not want them to miss meeting Olaf, but boy was I wrong, wrong, wrong!

To make up for it, I took him to the mall where they have a play area to play his little heart out until he was ready to go. I then let him pick where he wanted to eat, which was cajun chicken. He was so happy then that he offered to feed his brother.


That is the beautiful smile I love


“You’re a good cutter” Wittle Guy says because he cut the chicken just right.

 Then we went to the store where I got them fun Crayola toothpaste, foam bubbles for the tubby and he pick a present for his baby cousin (he’s the best at picking presents) Also, we went to Grandma’s house where they got to take a tubby with our new foam bubbles, watch TV and eat pizza. Then we finished the night with new Snoopy toothbrushes and fun toothpaste. Does mommy know how to make it up to him or what?

Lesson for me is that I do not have to try hard to make my kids happy! And also to just book the buffet and forgo the pictures because my kids rather eat delicious food than meeting fake ass characters…lol


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