Day Off

I took a day off yesterday and it felt all sorts of wrong. I took a break from calorie counting, exercising and blogging. I made it to bed and I could not sleep. It felt like I was missing something, like I needed to get up and blog. I decided against it and closed my eyes till I fell asleep. Today, with all of the things I need to do with my family, I have the itch…my hands miss the keyboard, my eyes miss reading all of the interesting things from everyone’s else life, because they make me laugh, think, and they inspire me. So tonight, after my boys are all asleep, I will sit in my Throne (dining room chair) and I will write, update and read. I just had to break away before heading to buy shoes for the boys to let you all know I missed you (tear).

Until Next Time (tonight)

Hope you missed me too


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