Thursday “Fitness” Summary

I took the day off…No counting, no exercising…DAY OFF!!! We all need them. As long as you push yourself to get back on track…Why not? Relax! I did not go crazy, I just didn’t log it. I had Scrambled Eggs with coffee. Chicken & Fruit Salad…for dinner I had…wait for it…wait…for…it…A Bavarian Cream doughnut to celebrate my Wittle Guy’s first day of Soccer!!! He’s getting so big!!! (tear) But to be honest, the doughnut was not as great as it usually is. Not complaining though! Okay, you might think the doughnut was a little crazy, but really, I could have ate 10 of them, but I ate only one! Talk about self control! Wooohoooo!!!!

Until Next Time

Take a day off


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