I had deactivated my Facebook account before 2014 ended and have felt somewhat a liberation from it…Freedom of not having to answer to everyone’s statuses throughout the day. Although, I did something today…I peeked.

What did I get into? Let me tell you what a couple of scrolls of my Facebook “friends” entailed. A friend broke her hand punching someone, another friends dad died. My 16 year old brother posted various obscene statuses (he wouldn’t do that if my mom was on the book). A cousin bought a house, Woohooo!  Another cousin was upset about other women’s insecurities. A friend is going to the dentist and is petrified, another one, her kid’s turning 8 today.  One friend, can’t decide wether she needs sex or to punch someone in the face and my Aunt who I have not seen in 8 years posted a photo of herself.

Before I got sucked in into everybody’s joys and perils, I went to one of my friend’s page, grabbed her number so I can personally contact her and then deactivated my page. Phew! I did it! I got off! Facebook can be such a decease. It is addicting and there are so many feelings you get sometimes, you try to shake off the amount of ridiculous that people posts (I used to be guilty of this until one day I realized how retarded I made myself look). The ones that claim that are “Drama-free” even though we all know that their middle name is Drama. The one’s that are constantly complaining, or sad about the same thing over and over and then when you give them a compliment they say “Thanks but…my life still sucks”, or the “look at me, my life is way better than yours!!!” posts. There are more posts that I don’t care for than posts I do care for.

Many times I laugh, but some days like today, I realized that the people I truly treasure are on my phone! And even though I would love to keep in contact with everyone I had once in my life. It takes too much time from the people that are in my life right now! With that said, I won’t get rid of my account completely, but I am glad to not have it be a part of my life on a daily basis!

Until Next Time,

Good Bye Facebook


8 thoughts on “Facebook

  1. Am so envious you did this. I think Facebook contributes to a lot of my worries and self esteem. It’s all about who has the most money, flashiest holiday and the best parenting skills. It’s all about people editing versions of their life and its so false. Sorry for the rant. I came off it for a week at the end of last year and I felt less stressed. I think I need to do what you have done. Rant over

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