Welcome Home

The boys Grandma and Papa were gone on vacation for almost a whole month. Today, on their way home, we decided to go to their house and have dinner ready. Spaghetti and sauce, the family’s comfort food.
I know my boys missed their grandparents very much. My big guy started complaining that they were gone too long only one day after they left. My Wittle Guy never said anything at all, only that he wanted Papa and Grandma for his birthday. Which is tomorrow! My Wittle Guy is going to be THREE!!!
At their house we were, when Grandma walked through the door. My Big Guy jumped excitedly and ran right over. My Wittle Guy walked over without saying a word. When Grandma gave him his hug. He stood there quietly. Then I look at his face. The bottom lip was out! You know the cute bottom lip babies stick out when they are sad? The absolutely adorable, irresistible lip that makes you want to kiss it? (I love to kiss it) Well, the lip was out, which only meant that he was really sad that they were gone, but so happy that they were home! I teared up because I never thought he was being affected so much.
My Wittle Tough Guy, that makes you work hard for your woven (loving), who makes you jump through hoops for a kiss (except mommy, I have a special pass for unlimited kisses at any time), that is so reserved. He my little M&M. Hard shell full of sweet goodness.
That was a special moment I hope to never forget. I do not think Grandma and Papa are ever going to go on vacation again after that reaction. I think what’s really going to excite him is waking up and realizing that he is waking up at Grandma and Papa’s house on his birthday and that we are spending the whole day together, just like he wanted. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE!!!
Until Next Time,
Enjoy the Little Moments


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