Two very Long Days

Yesterday, we woke up at Grandma and Papa’s house! When my wittle guy woke up he said, “it’s my birthday, and Grandma is here, and Papa is here, just what I wanted”. We had blueberry pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Hung out for a while then went home to get refreshed rushed to the movies to watch Paddington. Ate lots of popcorn…then I went to a doctors appointment.

After that, we went to Dicks Sporting Goods to buy his birthday present, which he got to open at Soccer Class. His very own soccer ball, he loved it! After Soccer, we went for dinner and ice cream. Thhhhheeen, we went home to open a couple more presents, Captain America costume and pajamas, and a life saber. We also sang happy birthday. Then everyone fell asleep while watching Star Wars. Grandma and Papa spent the night at our house.I stayed up washing baskets of laundry that accidentally got a half a gallon of vinegar spilled on it. And cleaning our bedroom and closet until 2am.

This morning, we had scrambled eggs for breakfast. Grandma and Papa went home. The boys were upset since they have missed them so much when they were gone on vacation.

Daddy and I had to work on our attic because it was very wet from the lack of air circulation. We took a lot of things out and put them aside for donation and put a heater and left the attic door opened so it would air out. Looking good!

While daddy worked hard playing as the evil villain Darth Vader, I finished the closet, our bedroom and the kids room. Then am notified that our Big Guy invited Grandma and Papa out to dinner without Mommy and Daddy. Sooo, Daddy and I decided to go out on a date. We ended up at Outback Steakhouse. It was so nice to sit together alone, having a corona-rita and having dinner. We both apologized for a disagreement we had about the lack of organization in our home and joked about going downtown and falling asleep at the bar.

9pm and we were absolutely exhausted. So we ordered coffee, talked some more and picked up the kids from Grandmas. I must say that our waiter was absolutely wonderful. It was like being waited on by a best friend.

Here I am now comatose trying to type on this phone. My hand is cramping… I did not work out today, nor did I do my drawing. Still, I feel accomplished because that closet was nagging me and it is finally done…happy that my boys are happy and that I got to spend some alone time with my gorgeous husband. And grateful because I truly have a wonderful life.

Until Next Time
Don’t forget to spend time with your loved ones


10 thoughts on “Two very Long Days

      • Ha, we took on drinking tea! American foods are so bad for you, we were raised on very sweet and salty. If u came here, you’d run away Im sure..or you may love it, in which then, you should still run away. 😛 I cannot drink warm milk, unless there’s chocolate in it. It is my addiction since I was two. Here, healthy food is so expensive and the bad stuff which tastes great by our standards, is affordable, then they advertize how if you are not skeletal looking, you are fat. So imagine that. Lol But you know what? I am going to try that today, warm milk and tea.

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      • You are too funny. My proms were tragic, the yellow cabs are exciting (I saw them once, I live in western New York), I think they are only in New York City. I would love to go to Hollywood for a day, sneakers are great….Walmart, not so
        Weetabix…I am sooo using that word. I had Weetabix and tea for breakfast. Im going to sound so cool, at least to myself, everyone else is going to be like, huh?

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  1. I can see that! Funny, because I would love to go where you are and catch your accent. And see a castle. We don’t have those here! Your wold seems to be more exciting than here, it must be because of it is different.


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