Murphy, Your Law Does Not Apply To Me

I started my morning by going to Zumba class!!! There is truly nothing better than dancing to the beat. It is something that I must do regularly for the sake of my sanity. If I take time off from it, because of whatever excuses I have, (like having to go to dinner with the family because many of family gatherings are scheduled on my Zumba time slot. Not on purpose of course.) I start feeling the frustration build and the Hulk starts to come out.  Raaaaaaarrrr!!!! Anyway, an hour of sweating is…AWESOME!!!

Then I did something I never do. I stayed later and small talked with other ladies in class. Heeeeeey, social life people. But the initial anxiety I get before actually talking to people is ridiculous. It was a good thing that I was already sweaty from class. And really, I am not a sweaty person. Regardless, it was a nice conversation!

I then decided I was going to chop all my hair off, just because I feel like it is heavy. And also, a weird thing is that when I go through things that make me sad, cutting my hair almost feels like it’s cutting the bad away and starting fresh. But the lady I wanted to cut my hair, was not there. I was not meant to do it today. So I went home, took a shower.

Somehow, my husband and I started talking about vaccines, because it is really aggravating to us that the reason they gave us as to giving the kids the vaccine was so that parents wouldn’t have to miss work to take care of their sick kids. That vaccine nearly killed my brother and that is the reason why you gave it to him, so that my mom wouldn’t have to miss work? She doesn’t care about that, I don’t either. It’s part of the job. But that conversation changed quickly to Kenji Goto, may his soul be in peace! My heart truly aches for his family.

Since that conversation undid my Zen, I went to turn on the music and notice that my phone is broken. You’d think that would upset me, but no…I am getting a new phone (positive thinking). Buuuut I have to wait till tomorrow. So, anyway, we ate chicken sausage with peppers, and headed to the in-laws to watch part of the Superbowl.

The kids do not care for football and really, we only wanted to see the commercials, but we put the kids in bed to watch a cartoon because they do not get to watch TV often so they almost freeze till the show is done. So while I was about to heat up some sauce meatballs, a hear a thud, and crying. We run up and my 3 year old fell on his face. Split lip, bloody nose and bloody gums (he is okay though). Daddy is very good at boo-boo fixing. So while I am trying to breath adrenaline away, I go to get the meatballs and there was the dog eating them. (Deep Breath)

We took care of his booboos, watched the half time show, gave the kids ice cream, cleaned up, went home and now everyone is sleeping besides me. I am not complaining, I look forward to the quiet time…but it seems to me like I have had two weird days in a row. Murphy’s Law says Three, but you know what? I refuse that! I am going to have a great day.

So tomorrow, I am staying home listen to music. We are going to bake cookies, and we are going to eat them!!!. And we are going to have a GREAT DAY!!!! Why? Because I SAID SO!!!

Until Next Time,

Eat, Drink, Sleep POSITIVITY!!!