“You Can Learn to Draw in 30” Lesson 16

The Waves

                       The Waves

Beyond the waves, it was just me messing around. The Secret Volcano hiding behind the waves. What was I thinking? There is snow on top of the volcano. I have no idea, but I love it! Hooray to another day, another challenge!!!

Night Light

I have been sleeping enough hours, but I have been waking up a lot through out the night, waking up in the morning feeling like I have not slept a wink. We have slept with the night light because my 3 year old who yes, sleeps with us is going through that stage. Last night though, I unplugged the light, woke up at 6am, refreshed, almost felt like I had a vacation. Not quite, but I woke up well rested.

I have sent invitations for the boy’s birthday path, filed taxes, renewed a registration and made breakfast before the boys woke up! Talk about accomplishment. Now hold one minute while I do my happy dance…….yeah….woot….alright. Okay, so I did numbers and letters with the boys, then they did abc mouse lessons while I did my 30 minute drawing. Then while the boys have their hour of playtime, I am catching up on my Blog here and giving people some love. The only bummer about today so far is that my Wittle guy is sick, so he’s cranky when he doesn’t get his way, it means more cuddles.

Here are my plans for the next 2 hours before my husband gets home.

Quick Clean up

Folding Some laundry

Making dinner

Have the boys showered

Clean Bathroom

Post my drawing for today

Quick work out

We do have soccer today, but since my Wittle Guy is sick, he will not attend. He’s going to be sad, but I do not want to get the other kids sick. I will make it up to him though. Can you believe that a night light can make such a difference? Apparently, even the light from a clock can disturb your sleep. Well, I guess, I’ll be able to sleep better from now on! Yay!

Until Next Time,

Turn the Lights Out