What is in Your Handbag?

I like going through Challenge Tags to see what kind of inspiration catches my eye. I am currently trying handstands, because it is something I always wanted to conquer, but today I saw one which kind of made me chuckle. It is called #WHATSINYOURHANDBAG challenge. Basically, you just take out everything that is in your handbag and take a photo. Here is what I have…

What is in Your Handbag?
What is in Your Handbag?

Now, I just received this Vera Bradley from my in-laws as a gift. So really, I am just starting to test it out.

Wallet (ID, and reward cards)

Cellphone (Just got it)

Notepad (freebie from car show)

Drawing Pad (just put in handbag today)

Pens (Always carry a pen or 5)

Pencils (same as drawing pad)

Cash (Well hello there! I am going to miss you!!!)

Granola Bars (From Museum snack today)

I barely carry a handbag, in fact today, I had lost mine at the car show, but luckily, a wonderful gentleman turned it in for me. This handbag is smaller  than what I am used to, but usually I carry what I need in my pocket. I am a minimalist when it comes to that. What I carry with me is my wallet, cellphone, lotion and lip balm. I am in what I call celebration mode. I no longer have to carry diapers, wet wipes or my wrap. I am a free woman.

Until next Time,

What is in your Handbag?

Family Excursion Day

Today started with a trip to the Buffalo Science Museum to see the new Curious George exhibit. As you can see, my Big Guy is way more excited than my Wittle Guy (Just kidding, my big guy does not like photos unless it is his idea). We had fun!!! They went down the slide, made a couple of crafts, participated in a scientific experiment on electricity. And lots of fun stuff which my camera did nothing but blur (Curse You Nikon CoolPix).

DSCN6410After that, we went out to lunch downtown at Pearl Street Brewery. That beautiful photo from the website, was not during this slushy winter, but I am mad at my camera right now, so at this point, I left if in the truck. The food was good, but not great! Let’s just say, the best part was my Wittle Guys grilled cheese dipped in my Babe’s Au jus.

Curtesy of http://buffalobrewerydistrict.com/pearl/gallery
Curtesy of http://buffalobrewerydistrict.com/pearl/gallery

We later landed at the Buffalo Auto Show, where we looked at cars we cannot afford, cars we could afford but would not bother with, and some which are worth us considering a trade in, such as the Ford pictured below.


Yes, I took a photo, but this time from from my new phone, which by the way does not have a very good camera. Alas, it is doing a better job than my camera. The boys had a real kick out of trying out new cars, getting in and out as encouraged by the sales people. This is them with their freebie glasses. Soooo Cool!!!


But what was cool about the end of the night (for us at least) was the King Robota who my Wittle Guy thought was going to fly at any moment. The boys got a real kick out of it. After that, we headed home.


Home, where we decided to run around from our incredible tickle war. Where daddy and I thought it would be fun to show off our poor excuse of a handstand. Where we realized that we should have gone to bed after eating because we created two overtired children. Which called for one last call…A glass of wine! Do not know what it is, but it does not taste good to me. But as they say, “waste not, want not” I do not know what that even means.


Until Next Time

But bottoms up!