Mother’s Worry

I tend to to be the mother who worries about my kids when they are around other children. I keep my eyes open and even though I give the kids their space, I am always watching. Before you think I am crazy, let me tell you why I am so paranoid.

My big guy is just too much of a sweetheart! He loves everyone and if he sees that they are sad, he will do anything to make them happy, even if it means him not having a toy or a cookie. Problem with that is that others kids, take advantage of that. They also tend to bully him. Even though I encourage my Big Guy to defend himself. He simply says that he does not want to be mean to his friends because he loves them. Everyone wants play dates with my boys. “They are so well, behaved”, they say. “They are the sweetest boys”, “maybe it will rub off on my kids”.

This past Saturday we had a family birthday party. There was a bounce house, face painting, caricatures, a DJ…fun right? Not wanting to hover, I sat on the table while the kids jumped, occasionally glancing over. At one of my glances, I see my Big Guy being lifted and body slammed, then pushed down by a kid way bigger than him. Guess what? It was his own cousin…it is always his cousins that are mean to him. I scold the kid to get off my son and he blows me off as if it’s nothing new. After my husband tells the kids grandmother, she also scolds him, but he just walks away.

So today, my Big Guy was not eating and started to complain of a headache. He started to cry, till he threw up and then fell right asleep. This is him sleeping which is so unlike him to sleep in the middle of the day.


I cannot even express how worried I was. After he woke up, he started to cry because his head hurt so badly. My husband quickly took him to the Chiropractor which she told my husband that his first cervical vertebrae was out of place and that he must have gone through a really hard fall. She put it back into place. He threw up from the headache and he then laid down with the lights off until he felt better about 20 minutes, thank God! Thanks to our wonder Chiropractor who took him in after her shift was over. I LOVE HER!!!

Needless to say, I am one angry mama! There’s nothing that makes me angrier than bullies. So, here is my big issue, this child was invited to my boys birthday party next week, but my Big Guy is now afraid of him and does not want him near him. I have no qualms about telling his grandmother that my son does not want him there, but the argument from another family member is that, this other child is family and family stick together. What if next time he slams him onto the hard ground? My kid is only 4!

I just have so many questions, why is it always at the expense of my son? How many times do I have to tell these kids to be nice? When is it enough? What would I be teaching my son if keep allowing these kids around that hurt him? I know I am supposed to protect my children, but how am I supposed to protect my kids from mean kids that are not mine? I don’t care if the family gets divided, if you can’t do your job and teach your kids respect and kindness, then my kids don’t need them in their lives.

Until Next Time,

What would you do?

Mean Pecan

I am laying watching my Big Guy sleep. He woke up this morning with a little bit of a swollen face. I figured it was a reactions to the face paint we had washed off before bed. We gave him Benadryl and the swelling and redness went away.

After reading our bed time stories and the lights were out. He started playing with his face. I turned on the lights and his face and ears were starting to get red. So, we figured we would change our pillow cases in case there was face paint residue on them. After washing his beautiful face and hands, it dawned on me. PECANS!!!!

He had granola and pecan cereal last night and tonight before bed. I just did not think of it because we ate it before without any troubles. So we gave him Benadryl and he fell asleep. Because of that I will stay up and watch him sleep and listen to his breathing. The redness went away, and he is breathing normally, but no more pecans in our home.

Things like these are scary, my Big Guy….my sweet love, how many times I have stayed up making sure he’s okay? How many more nights until he’s too big for mommy? My piece of heaven, how much mommy loves him to infinity and back.

Until Next Time,
Give your babies extra kisses