Mean Pecan

I am laying watching my Big Guy sleep. He woke up this morning with a little bit of a swollen face. I figured it was a reactions to the face paint we had washed off before bed. We gave him Benadryl and the swelling and redness went away.

After reading our bed time stories and the lights were out. He started playing with his face. I turned on the lights and his face and ears were starting to get red. So, we figured we would change our pillow cases in case there was face paint residue on them. After washing his beautiful face and hands, it dawned on me. PECANS!!!!

He had granola and pecan cereal last night and tonight before bed. I just did not think of it because we ate it before without any troubles. So we gave him Benadryl and he fell asleep. Because of that I will stay up and watch him sleep and listen to his breathing. The redness went away, and he is breathing normally, but no more pecans in our home.

Things like these are scary, my Big Guy….my sweet love, how many times I have stayed up making sure he’s okay? How many more nights until he’s too big for mommy? My piece of heaven, how much mommy loves him to infinity and back.

Until Next Time,
Give your babies extra kisses


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