Makeup is Gone

I threw away all of my makeup! It was hard because I do not like spending money on makeup, but I do not use it. Occasionally, I wear eyeliner mascara and lipstick, but I threw them away also because I have had them for years. My Babe does not like makeup on me, for one he does not the smell, but he also tells me I am beautiful without it. Which I think we all are!

I never wear powder or any of the other stuff because it makes my face breakout in bumps that do not go away for weeks. But I still bought it for my wedding, just never used it.

Sometimes, even eye liner and mascara irritate my eyes. I even get these bumps under my lid from irritation. It is very uncomfortable. I only kept a nude lip liner that I put on on top of lip butter, which I put on today…

But anyway, what do I do now? Organic make up is so expensive? Should I make my own?

Until Next Time,

Bring it On

12 thoughts on “Makeup is Gone

    • Flawless Schmaless, you are beautiful just the way you are! I break out all of the time! Right now I have a HUMONGO pimple on my cheek who gives a huge solo speech to everyone I meet…LOL I want to get an all natural eyeliner that won’t irritate my lids because I feel kind of naked without it!

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  1. You look beautiful without make up! I have found over the years of being a SAHM I am naturally wearing less and I like the look! I have sensitive skin as well and I wear pretty much only Mary Kay products; and I also use their skin care (about 11 years now).

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    • Thank you! I only have wore eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. Everything else makes me break out. But I just am sick of finding out about all of the chemicals they unnecessarily put into everything.


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