There has been a book floating around the house that no matter how many times I put it in the unread book tray I have, it ends up everywhere but. Yesterday, while snuggling with my Big Guy, the book was next to me. I picked it up and did not put it down until I finished. I even skipped last nights shower(I know, gross).

“Choke” by Stuart Woods was written in 1995. I actually am infatuated with his Stone Barrington Novels which I have decided to restart reading starting with book 1 which was written in 1991.

Anyway, this book was based on a man named Chuck Handler, who slept with the wrong married woman and ends up tied up in a murder. Luckily for him, a New York retired cop took a new police job in Key West. His 20 years of experience in the force put him in a situation which while anyone else would have closed case, he followed his gut, leading him to a string of murder, sex, more sex and a ridiculous “who dunnit” case that leaves you scratching your head.

The last couple of chapters make you start skimming because you just want to know what is going to happen RIGHT NOW!!! And then, when you do, you double back to see if u just read that right.

It was comical to “go back in time” and read a murder mystery that (gasp) a car phone was a new thing. Overall, “Choke” is a great read, a must read.

***This is my first time reviewing a book, based on my description, would you read it? Give it to me straight, I need all of the advise I can get! Thanks!***

Until Next Time,

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