Sniggle Kind of Day

I have been so TIRRRRRRREEEEEDDD, that writing on this blog feels like I am constantly saving drafts because I doze off before I could finish. I have also noticed I have been not so zen lately, I think it has been a mixture of Cabin fever (due to Wind Chill Advisories for below zero weather), party planning, lose handed children (not mine), boys getting sick (Wittle and Babe were sick yesterday), the dog getting sick, our roof leaking water into the house, sibling matters and daily headaches. I am not complaining, but I guess reading this little list here makes me see why I am not on my game. By the time bed time comes around, I am snoozing before the kids.

I have a headache today and I don’t know if it is coming from my shoulder pain. But hey, I am so happy I do not have to go out for any reason and am more than grateful for my wonderful husband for working so hard for me to be able to stay home!!! The sun is shining and that is a million times better than freezing and cloudy.  I am off to drink my coffee and do some house chores, but my Wittle guys just asked me to sniggle(snuggle) and it is super hard to say “no” to that.

Until Next Time,

Sniggle Away

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