All You Need is Love


There is something about going to my in-laws that is so comfy cozy. The boys love their Grandma and Papa, with good reason, they do anything to make them happy.

My parents unfortunately, live far away…my dad lives in Puerto Rico an ocean away and my mom lives somewhere in the middle of the country. Truly, it is too bad, because my parents would totally be amazing grandparents if they were close. I cannot complain though because Grandma and Papa are simply wonderful.

Anyway, after church today we did a “quick stop” at grandma’s because she is one handy lady and we needed her input about our leaking shower. But we already know that there is no such thing as a quick stop when we go to grandmas. So, I took off my boots as soon as I walked in.

Grandma or as I call her in my head, Momma, starts the coffee and asks us if we are hungry. She doesn’t have to work hard to keep me there, all she has to do so is turn on the fireplace with the push of a button and her dog and I lay down on our hot spot, sometimes pushing each other out of the way.

In walks Papa, which brings the boys energy level up to super sonic speed. It makes me tired just watching them play superheroes and bad guys. But Papa as soon as he sees we are not eating, he starts making pizzas, and since big guy is not into it, he makes him a hot dog instead.

For a long time, I was uptight about the situation. I was not used to having anyone dote on me, so I would say “no thank you” to everything. But not anymore, I was drinking coffee, and eating pizza warm by the fireplace while the kids played with Papa.

Momma had recorded Saturday Night Live 40 years episode and we decided to watch it. It was truly very funny. After that we watched a couple episodes of Rehab Addict, which is about this lady who loves flipping houses.

Six hours after we got there, we decided it was time to head home. What a day.

When it is just us, I love going to their house, it is very relaxing. My second favorite place to be after my own home. I know that it is their love for us that makes their home so very comfy cozy. Sometimes that is all you need to pick you up, for someone to love you and take care of you. I hope they know how much I love them too!

Until Next Time,
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