50 Shades of Okay


So, my sister told me she was reading the book, and so I borrowed it after she was done. It was a little slow, but in it, it shows you the “relationship” of two people from two different worlds who come together and change each other’s lives.

The story itself, seemed a little unrealistic since for a minute I thought, there is no woman who would do this….but knowing a woman who went through a BDSM period, with a man that looked like Jabba from Star Wars, I figured anything is possible. But it didn’t change the fact that I found the book interesting since I have never read anything on that genre before.

I read the second book and then the third and though I agree, it was slow and unrealistic. Who cares? What I would do to write a book and be a hit like that? So I am happy for E L James. Girl Power!

This has brought an uproar from religious “leaders” all over the world. The movie was even banned in some countries. I tell my husband this and he tells me, “yeah, it is all over Catholic radio, they won’t stop talking about it.” I laugh at this because I read the books and my husband still didn’t really know about it, but now he knows all this stuff about the book because of Catholic radio.  And then, just like the little pain in the butt that I am, I say. “Let’s go watch it!” He shakes his head at me because he knows I am just being a pain in the ass. And then I say it…

“Well how come these guys watched the movie and then tell me I can’t watch it?” I know, I am going to hell for that for those pointing the finger at me, but let me point out that you yourself opened up a post with 50 Shades on the title. So we are even. So, yes…we went to see it!

I was so excited and full of giggles walking in. I could not believe we were going to watch this movie. We spent $30 on theater food because we did not have enough time to eat before the movie. But we went to AMC Theaters which was absolutely awesome! They have comfy reclining seats and set in twos, so you can move the middle arm rest and snuggle.

So…like the book, the movie was slow, but any time they showed the “sexy” parts a wave of giggles passed through the theater. I liked the movie. It really caught the confliction of the two characters and the changes in the their person due to them falling in love and wanting to change each other. But in a way, they are both changing willingly.

People argue that you can’t change people and no I would never, ever say to get with someone and then try to change them. But I do say, that when you meet someone and you mutually love each other, you both change…you grow together and sometimes, you do make some changes to make the other happy, hopefully positive changes.

We watched the movie and I am not getting whipped, tied or beaten emotionally. My husband and I treated the movie like we treat Star Wars…a fictional story, that is it and we moved along. One way we move along is by having an open mind. There are people who are into it, so if it makes them happy, who am I to tell them what to do in their lives?

So what is my take on it? If you are not appalled about the idea…watch it! It would be a fun girls date or fun with your husband. Just go with an open mind and treat it like it is…fictional. But if you are not comfortable enough, rent it on DVD! It is 50 Shades of Okay!