Crazy Tired Lady


My son told me…”Mommy? Can you please cut your hair? ”

“Why, baby?” I asked curiously.

“Because when I was little you had short hair and looked so pretty, now you look so tired and crazy.”

There you have it! The stone cold truth! But I also must note that I was tanned when I cut my hair back then. Also, my husband has pointed out that I need a tan. Do you know what I say to all of that?

“I know!”

Every winter, I look like Morticia, only more dead, I get so pale, but not only do I look it, I also feel it. I am not meant to be in this cold. Lol, but I have been thinking about cutting my hair anyway.
I just do not know what to do though.

I am tired of brushing it, and it getting fluffy like a blown out Pomeranian. I shed so much, I clog the drain and find hair every where!

Until Next Time
Hair cut or no?