To Washington We Go

After breakfast we went on the road.


My not so happy big guy…


My happy little guy…


We stopped at a rest stop where I ordered a jalapeño burger… And pizza for the boys…


My big boys..


My little guy and I…


After a whole meltdown from my big guy, we started driving again.


Finally, we made it to the zoo. We meet some friends and the boys went on carousel rides.



The boys played…


Then we went to eat at Hill Country Barbeque Market where for the fist time, I had brisket.


Totally delicious. Night time set in and we are now cuddling, watching The Goonies at The Comfort Inn… Great day, but I am exhausted.

Until Next Time,
Get some sleep…

Up and Away

We decided to take a trip to the capital of our country, we have had enough of New York. Plus, we have a new baby cousin to see and a friend who graduated for the FBI, WHOA! So cool!

We just packed and went. But 4 hours later, we only got one hour and a half of our distance. Our little guy was car sick and we had to stop every 20 minutes for him to go to the bathroom.

We stopped at McDonalds on a bathroom stop, and decided to feed them Happy Meals with the hope they fall asleep or play with their toy.

Yay! We did it…we got an hour and a half without stopping. Half way through, we are in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Where I was out by the time my head hit the pillow.


Good morning! I got up to make a post and eat some breakfast.


Until Next Time,
I am hoping we can drive straight through this time!

Getting rid of it!!! Day 19 Pt 2

We decided to take a 4 day trip to Washington DC. While cleaning the house yesterday, I found more things to get rid of.


Sun hat…


Baby shoes…


Christmas cards, books, magazine…some iPod vehicle connector….


Another book,


Broken printer…I think we were hoping it would heal on its own and start working again.

Until Next Time,

I think I am addicted to getting rid of stuff… It feels good.



One thing I loved to do with my mom was get pizza. Occasionally, while I was in middle school, my mom would surprise me and pick me up after classes were done.

We would walk to Italian’s Touch pizzeria and get one slice of pizza and one can of Pepsi, then we’d share while we walked home.

It was the most delicious, most special ever! Magic in it was that we shared, because when we ordered two slices, it never tasted as good.

So what do you think would happen if we finished and were still hungry? We would walk back, order another alive and shared again.

My stomacher is grumbling with hunger and my heart aching for the good old days.

Until Next Time,

What is something special you have done with your parents?

Little Things


We have been eating healthy for a really long time. Of course, we eat our hamburgers and pizza here and there, but we generally buy healthy food.

While shopping, I saw rice pudding and thought “My Babe would love this!” Once I got home and wrote a note on it, because I love doing things like that, I realized that I forgot that he is not eating dairy.

Disappointed, I put it on the fridge. When he got home, I told him “I got you something, but I forgot you are not eating dairy, I’m sorry.”

When I showed him, his smile which melts my heart greeted me. He was so happy, he forgot to kiss me because he was too busy opening the container. As he puts a spoonful in his mouth, he says “I love you too babe. Definitely worth breaking the diet.”

That, my friends, is what I live for! Making my husbands day after a long day at work. But I also sent him a little present by text this morning.


His very own Motorcycle! We got a good laugh out of that!

Until Next Time,

Make your Spouse smile!

I Stand Alone

Everyone claims this is a family,

but I stand alone.

Deceit, insults, and everyone turning their cheek

without mercy being shown.

Unjustly pointing the finger at me,

go ahead, throw the stone.

Refusing to see the truth,

while I stand here all alone.

Helping others while they step on me,

at least I have grown.

Because if it would have been long ago,

you would have gotten back a bigger stone.

How much can I take before I break

for the truth to be known.

Give me what you’ve got kid

because unlike you, I can stand on my own.

I can cry, scream, fall and get up again,

with a break behind my breast bone.

Go ahead, laugh and enjoy your victory

because that is all you own.

With my head high, I will protect mine, 

because I refuse to stay low.

So get out of my way kid

this game is for women that can stand alone.

Proud Momma

My boys got their soccer certificates!!! HORRAY!!! This was my Little Guy’s very first one and my Big Guy’s best Season.

My big guy does not like taking things away from other kids including the soccer ball because he did not want to be mean to the other kids (he’s too sweet). I asked Coach for advice and she said she would speak to him the next class. She did and he is absolutely doing so much better! Go Big Guy!

My Little Guy on the other hand, want that ball and he runs fast. Both of them are actually hard to keep up with! But he keeps going and going. I wonder if they will ever be on the same team.

I am so proud of my boys!


I just love their face!!!

Until Next Time,

What is something special you do with your babies? (Every age included) 💜