Cannot Sleep

As tired as I am, you would figure I would be snoring away, but after laying here and not falling asleep. I figured I should assess the situation.

What is in my mind?

Me wanting to move, trading our van, getting rid of all of the donation boxes, how to find a homeschooling group for the boys, how to best keep my distance, how much laundry is in the basement, when is this weather warming up, when can we plan our vacation, how are we going to pay for it, I should call my mom and dad and Titi, I really need to work out, my boys are just so lovely cuddling, wish I could take a photo, I am blesses to have my own little family….I am so tired!

Maybe, now that I wrote it down, I can sleep.

Until Next Time,

What on your mind on your sleepless nights?


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