I Went to a Party

I get anxious about going to social gatherings, it is dreadful. But today, there was a surprise birthday party for one of my husbands coworkers. And I had been looking forward to it since the day I received invitation!

I always get anxious about meeting new people. I have a fear that we will not be compatible or that I am boring or that I will try to relate to the person too much that I will push them away. But I have hit it off with everyone I have met, at least if someone has not gelled with me, I haven’t found out yet.

But Babe’s coworkers thus far have been great. I get along with all of them and their wives. It just seems to me that in a way, we are a long distance family. But why is it that we get along so great?
I believe because since we rarely see each other, we just play catch up and it just feels so nice!

I got ready before my husband got home, dropped off the kids at Grandma’s and off we went. I can’t even remember the last time I went to a party with friends. Although, it really is more of a social gathering than a party, to me, a party includes dancing.

As soon as we walk in, we don’t recognize anyone so we head to the bar and order 2 beers. And then people we know came in and mingled. We picked a table and after watching my Babe and I stuff our faces because we were starving, they all followed suit and we sat down, ate and talked about our children, we listened to our men’s conversations, poked fun at them and laughed at all that we had in common. It was an absolute great time.

We stayed till 9:30pm. Three hours had passed and we missed our boys so back to grandma’s we went.

I cannot wait to do it again, although, I know it will not be for another couple of years.

Until Next Time,

Get Together With Friends


4 thoughts on “I Went to a Party

  1. I get anxious too at social gatherings, I tend to start talking fast, lots of animated hand movements and then I start to bounce up and down on the spot. This is probably why I usually stand alone by the end..


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