My Dear Sweet Son

When I first saw you, my first thought was…”wow, look at you!”. The simple thought that you were my baby blew my mind. Oh, how I loved your face, it was just so tiny. You were so comfy on me, you did not cry, we just looked at each other. I cannot even stop thinking about the the way you fit so perfectly into my arms.

I have not missed one thing. “Dada”, “momma”, your first steps, I have held your hand and have looked into your eyes every day, since you were born.

Now my love, you are 5. Such a big boy, independent and smart. But what is so amazing about you, is your heart. You are thoughtful, loving and generous.

What did I do to deserve you? Why did you chose me as your mommy? I will never know, but I am grateful. You brought new hope to my life, and completely changed it, making it sweet and lovely.

Thank you, my sweet love, my piece of heaven, my sugar baby, for being the tickle in my heart.

Always know that Mommy loves you to infinity and beyond and then back. Happy Birthday baby!




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