Clean House

We own a small home. But we also own too much stuff. When that happened, you end up with things all over the place with a place for it. So, while trying to put the clutter away, the regular house work goes down the drain.

While unloading the dishwasher, My baby asked me for breakfast. I gave him a bowl of cereal and yogurt with chocolate milk because today, I am putting all of the toys the boys received for their birthday away. I go to their room and see that it is a complete disaster. How? I just put everything in its place and it looked perfect!

Well, they kids have more toys than they have room, so I figured I should go through them and donate some of their toys. I have already done this before right before Christmas in effort of just giving the kids a place to play and keep toys away from the rest of the house. But the gifts they have, some of them are not even opened yet and it is like I am starting all over again. But feeling like I am drowning in toys, I left the room to come downstairs.

On my way through the house, the hall is full of donations because I cleaned out the attic, my bedroom has a printer that does not work and clothes that need to put away on the bed. I go down the stairs and am greeted by the kids playing, toys everywhere and 5 bags of donations because I just went through our clothes last week (both boys went through a growth spurt). Most of this stuff we have are gifts. But even if, it is just so much stuff!!! Every corner I turn, stuff in one corner, stuff in the other!

I haven’t beent abled to take the donations out of my house because I keep getting stuck in my driveway due to all of the snow so I stopped going out all together until this weather lets up. But it feels like the house is spinning and the walls closing in on me and I just want to run away from it all!

But how do I turn this into a good thing?

I am going to get off this computer and I am going to throw all of the donation bags in the back of the truck. Tomorrow is garbage day and I am going to grab a bag and get rid of everything!!! I am turning on the music and I will get rid of everything because enough is enough.

Until Next Time,

Get a cup of coffee first!!!


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