Turn of Events

I turned on the music and danced with my boys. “Pause” by Pitbul seems to be the favorite song right now. We love getting goofy. After a couple of songs, the boys began to play on their own while I Zumba’d away for about an hour. I was pretty sweaty.

While reading a Ninja Turtle book to the boys on the floor, I positioned myself in a front split stretch because I am going to achieve splits within the next two months. I have always wanted to do splits for fun, but now I want to do it because I think it’ll be great for my hips and pelvis.

I did a number of squats, but I think what I am going to try to do is try 10 squats as many times in the day as I can remember. If I can do more than ten, then I will.

Jumping jacks were fun with the boys. I think I would have gotten more done but I was distracted by my phone. During the cleaning of my Big Boy’s ear, he said “ow” and he started bleeding.

I got the boys dressed and took them to the Urgent Care conveniently a couple block away. The doctor told me that he got a little scratch from wax (he is prone to it) in his ear canal and that his ear drum was perfect (Sigh of relief). They removed the wax and we walked next door to Panera Bread to treat the boys to some macaroni and cheese. On our way home, they fell asleep.

Daddy came home after his doctor appointment and long day of work, I transferred the boys from the truck to the van and off to soccer we went. Wittle Guy  did not feel good so he stayed with daddy.

At soccer, coach addressed an issue we have with the Big Guy. During soccer, he never “steals” the ball from the other team because he doesn’t want to be rude to the other kids. So coach talked to him before class and they played a game called wolf and sheep. He had to howl like a wolf and take the ball away from the sheep. This was the best my big guy has ever played. He pretty much had a ball most of the time even when he played sheep and had to defend his ball from the wolf. And he seemed the happier. It was a complete turnaround. I love coach, she is a love and so great with all of the kids. I wish I was as good as her.

After that fun time, we went to get ice cream for our after soccer treat. We also had some chicken fingers and fries. Then headed home, got cleaned up, a couple of stories were read and here we are. Daddy is sleeping and I am blogging with two fidgety kids in each arm.

A great day indeed not including the ear bleed. I cannot complain. Except this weather needs to go away.

Until Next Time,

Kiss Your Loves


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