Get Rid of it!!!

When you look at your stuff that has no place in the house, you start to put it in places it does not belong, like the corner, or the table with the other things that you are supposed to put away. The craziness has not quite left the house. The house was nice for one day and the mess started creeping in again. They toys, the tools, the clothes. I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but I read that one way to get organized, is to get rid of things you do not need or use. So, I have created a new Challenge.

To get rid of something every day.

If I do that, I will get rid of 365 things in one year! I bought a binder to put all of my kids drawings in so that they do not clutter the house and I will be abled to have it all in one place that I can see their art for years to come!

I will try to get rid of more than one thing a day, but the main goal is one. And I started tonight with 1!!! My old slippers!!! Two Years  of constant wear and tear, I might as well be barefooted. Good bye my friend, you were good to me!!!


One last hooray!!!

Until Next Time,

What are you saying good bye too?


6 thoughts on “Get Rid of it!!!

  1. Its always human instinct to hold on to the stuffs, even the ones we no longer need! This builds up clutter and negative energy!
    This is a good idea! This challenge would really brighten up your home and life as well…


    • Yes, I really have been working on this! It for feels so nice when the house is tidy. I have gotten rid of a lot in the past couple of months, but I just need to say no to all the gifts. We have no room for them. And not buy anything else. 🙂

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