My Favorite Toy


This, right here, was my favorite toy of all time! When I was little in Puerto Rico, I received  this I believe for Three Wise Men. I would play with it for hours. After I moved away, I came to visit my dad twice in the island and went back to my toy trunk to play with it. The last time, I was 23. And when I go back, I will play with it again. I may have to bring it home with me 🙂

Until Next Time,
What was your favorite toy as a child?


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Toy

  1. When I was little, there were four of us and our favorite toy was a wooden box filled with wooden blocks at our grandparents house. The blocks were not colored – just wood. We played with them for hours. When my grandparents died, the only thing we all wanted was the blocks. I didn’t get any, but I’ll always love those blocks because of the happy memories.


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