I wear everything to rags!!! My husband  tells me that I deserve nice things. So he has been making me throw away anything that is worn down. It is more of him telling that something looks beat up enough times that since I do not want to hear it again, I get rid of it! So, having thinned out my wardrobe considerably, I have purchased a couple of things for myself in the past couple of days. image Warm sweater, it has to be the warmest and comfiest zip up I have ever worn. The tag says Kyodan and I bought it for a reasonable price. image These are a replacement for my Tevas that stopped fitting me after pregnancy made my feet bigger. image These are a replacement to last years, easy slip on for when I want no fuzz and get out quickly. I do not like shopping, but I have been feeling frumpy and tired, making me feel like I need to get nice things so I don’t look so much like this. Until Next Time, What do you need to replace?


2 thoughts on “Replacement

  1. Love the hoodie! I need to replace my whole wardrobe 😦 I have just bought a lot of new maternity clothes but after I loose the weight next year I won’t have much to wear. I’ll get to it when I actually loose the weight though lol


    • Ha! Thank you! That’s how I had been for the past 3 years, I was wearing oversized clothes and clothes that were too tight from way back before I had children. I dislike shopping and my “fashion sense” is not quite there 🙂

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