My Five Little Secrets

Blondeusk was challenged to post 5 secrets of herself which made me excited since I love challenges and I jumped on the wagon to do it also. Her 5 secrets are so funny. I have been thinking and thinking about my secrets, and honestly, I am putting my foot in my mouth because I do not know if these are secrets since I tell my husband everything. Here are some of what I think are my secrets, which some are deeper than what I wanted to be. Ready?


1. I miss my family. I moved away and some moved away. My family is fun and I wish my kids could experience it. Plus I wish they would help me teach the kids Spanish.

2. I had a doubt about marrying my husband. It had nothing to do with him, he is the most absolute wonderful person on earth…but there’s a person in his family who is just nails on the chalkboard and I wondered if I loved him enough to deal with this person for the rest of my life. The fact is…I do.

3. I am not a kid person. I never wanted kids. I only got pregnant out of guilt from my Grandfather in law who wanted to see  his great-grandchild before he died and wanted me to name him after him, which I did. I was 20 weeks pregnant when he passed. But my boys are my piece of heaven.

4. I only have one friend. Everyone else is an in-law or friends of my husband who I get along well with. I am not that social, and I do not click with many people. Not that I dislike them, but it is almost like dating, you click or you don’t.

5. I drink pickle juice, I will gulp the whole bottle if I could…Yum!!!

Until Next Time,

What are your five little secrets?


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