Gym Experience

My husband told me last night in bed, “let’s get really fit and then go to Hawaii, I don’t care how much it costa That sounds like a great idea, so I say, “okay”.

After Zumba  class at the gym, I go over to where he is, he is dong his arms💪. He gives me a set so dumbbells and we start working out together. Not even 2 sets in, this guy comes next to us and while exercising he starts grunting. This is truly the equivalent of the girls from a Pantene Shampoo commercial. I just stop and burst out laughing and tell my husband ” I am not mature enough to be on this side of the gym”. He looks at me puzzled and goes to put the weights away but on his way back, he raises his eyebrow at me and smiles. He had taken off one of his headphones and heard what I did. So we start laughing and move over to the machines. Apparently, everyone  wears headphone when they work out so they do not hear such things.

After a little bit of this and that and a little bit of my sexy guy mimicking the orgasmic guy from dumbbells to break my focus, we go back to dumbbells now that the orgasmic guy is gone. Coast is clear right? In the middle of our set, this guy starts rapping loudly about how “being chocolate, tasting her vanilla and other things that involved caramel”. By this time, I don’t know if I was an chocolate, vanilla twist cone with some caramel or if I should vomit a little…lol.

We finish, and head home.

Now for those who have not been the “weight” part of the gym. If you don’t want to hear guy orgasmic sounds or men rapping about how delicious they are and what they want to eat or whatever else I may have missed. WEAR HEADPHONES!!!

Until Next Time,

Seriously, wear your headphones!


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