There are hardships in life, yes. But what does it take to appreciate the fact that we are breathing? That we get to kiss our loved ones? That we get to smell the outside air?  We get so involved in the schedule that we forget to have fun, to love, to forgive, to move on.

What does it take?

Why can’t we let go and be free?

Is it so hard to take a deep breath and not let the silly things get in the way of our happiness?

Those are things I am working on, that I think about and many times forget. I am so busy trying avoid dealing with people, that I forget to live my own life. People that should not occupy space in my brain, but that are unavoidably too close.

How to say “forget it” and really just forget it.

It is a struggle to add value to every breath I take…when really I should just shrug it all unimportant things off and be free!

Until Next Time,

Let’s work on our happiness!
What makes you happy?


5 thoughts on “Smile😁

  1. Am trying to shrug something off at the moment but it’s no use. I should say ‘forget it’ but I can’t. I feel like lifting my head off, giving it a good shake and then fixing it back on my shoulders because everything will feel ok. Will try and smile though πŸ™‚


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