10 Minutes of Eternal Agony

I took the boys to the Science Museum for Mess Fest. They played with shaving cream, florescent chalk, worms, glue, powdered paint and cornstarch.


So fun! While watching an erupting volcano presentation. I had the boys sit in the front with the other kids. Two kids, started pushing my big guy, (it is almost like he’s wearing a “bully me” sign on him). So I call him to come to me.

Instead of coming towards me, my big guy turns into the crowd. After a couple of minutes, I start looking, but I don’t see him. So I start calling his name…. Nothing. I start yelling his name in a panic and another mom who I do not know starts calling his name also.

Security asks me for his description. I show him his photo. And he calls it on his radio. The other mom is still calling his name, I am sweating, feeling sick.

Just as they are about to shut down the place, security comes with my crying child. I lose it and start crying because my heart was suffocating with fear.

I went to thank the other mom, and she was holding her child, red in the face, tears flowing. It looked like she lost her own child. I gave her the biggest hug and thanked her. But really, I wanted to say “I love you”. She, out of all the people who saw me looking, calling, scared, was the only one who helped me. What a beautiful person!

My Big Guy had gone to where I was, but when he didn’t see me, he went to get help from a man who looked like a police officer.

Security did a great job and I also love them for it. I have respect for what they do, I always have.

I am proud of my Big Boy, and forever thankful for him being safe and unhurt.
We have to figure out a better system in a crowded situation because I do not want to go through this again.

Until Next Time,

I may be leashing my kids, 🔗


4 thoughts on “10 Minutes of Eternal Agony

  1. I lost my daughter at the beach once when she was maybe three? and it was the scariest feeling I’ve ever had in the world. It took less than 5 minutes to find her walking along a dune but it felt like life was in a slow panicked motion. Just awful. I’m glad you were able to find each other fairly quickly and hope it never happens again!


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