Get Rid of it!!! Day 17

After painfully parting with my latest read, I figured I should go through my books and get rid of stuff I won’t read again. Here is what I came up with.


I know, I have other books somewhere,  but this is what I could part with right now! The Vampire Shrink, is one I am looking forward to the next book. Same as Little Black Lies, but now that I have them here on post, I am free to donate them to the library.

Until Next Time,

Any advice on a good book?


10 thoughts on “Get Rid of it!!! Day 17

  1. For some reason I have 2 copies of Eclipse, and there are plenty of books I know I should get rid of but have hard time doing so. If you like vampires, Vampire Academy is a pretty good vamp ya read!


    • That is too funny! I have all of the movies. I do not know why I love vampire books so so…lol I actually was watching Vampire Diaries until I canceled cable…was never able to watch The Originals.
      I read that series! Loved it! I bought all of the books and accidentally switched the last two and did not realized I mixed them up until I started to read the second to last book… I was so confused about Dimitri… Lol

      One series I have been reading forever is The House of Night…very teen-ish, but I still love it. I went to the bookstore before my honeymoon flight to pick up the book…lol

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      • I actually own three shelves worth of vampire books, which is kind of ridiculous… but they are my literary guilty pleasure, haha. VA is my absolute favorite among the ya vamp series, I’m actually reading the spin off series, Bloodlines, but I don’t think I like them that much yet. Maybe they’ll get better for me. And WOW, HoN has been out forever! I’ve been collecting them since 2008 I want to say, and I actually think the series is ongoing… I think I’ve read up to Untamed, but I should probably pick those up again!


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