Proud Momma

My boys got their soccer certificates!!! HORRAY!!! This was my Little Guy’s very first one and my Big Guy’s best Season.

My big guy does not like taking things away from other kids including the soccer ball because he did not want to be mean to the other kids (he’s too sweet). I asked Coach for advice and she said she would speak to him the next class. She did and he is absolutely doing so much better! Go Big Guy!

My Little Guy on the other hand, want that ball and he runs fast. Both of them are actually hard to keep up with! But he keeps going and going. I wonder if they will ever be on the same team.

I am so proud of my boys!


I just love their face!!!

Until Next Time,

What is something special you do with your babies? (Every age included) 💜


5 thoughts on “Proud Momma

  1. They are so cute! My oldest two were in soccer, baseball/softball and basketball when they were younger. We were always busy but once they hit middle school they both lost interest in all. I don’t know what the little ones will like but I’ll find out in a few years ๐Ÿ™‚


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