Little Things


We have been eating healthy for a really long time. Of course, we eat our hamburgers and pizza here and there, but we generally buy healthy food.

While shopping, I saw rice pudding and thought “My Babe would love this!” Once I got home and wrote a note on it, because I love doing things like that, I realized that I forgot that he is not eating dairy.

Disappointed, I put it on the fridge. When he got home, I told him “I got you something, but I forgot you are not eating dairy, I’m sorry.”

When I showed him, his smile which melts my heart greeted me. He was so happy, he forgot to kiss me because he was too busy opening the container. As he puts a spoonful in his mouth, he says “I love you too babe. Definitely worth breaking the diet.”

That, my friends, is what I live for! Making my husbands day after a long day at work. But I also sent him a little present by text this morning.


His very own Motorcycle! We got a good laugh out of that!

Until Next Time,

Make your Spouse smile!


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