I Stand Alone

Everyone claims this is a family,

but I stand alone.

Deceit, insults, and everyone turning their cheek

without mercy being shown.

Unjustly pointing the finger at me,

go ahead, throw the stone.

Refusing to see the truth,

while I stand here all alone.

Helping others while they step on me,

at least I have grown.

Because if it would have been long ago,

you would have gotten back a bigger stone.

How much can I take before I break

for the truth to be known.

Give me what you’ve got kid

because unlike you, I can stand on my own.

I can cry, scream, fall and get up again,

with a break behind my breast bone.

Go ahead, laugh and enjoy your victory

because that is all you own.

With my head high, I will protect mine, 

because I refuse to stay low.

So get out of my way kid

this game is for women that can stand alone.


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