Up and Away

We decided to take a trip to the capital of our country, we have had enough of New York. Plus, we have a new baby cousin to see and a friend who graduated for the FBI, WHOA! So cool!

We just packed and went. But 4 hours later, we only got one hour and a half of our distance. Our little guy was car sick and we had to stop every 20 minutes for him to go to the bathroom.

We stopped at McDonalds on a bathroom stop, and decided to feed them Happy Meals with the hope they fall asleep or play with their toy.

Yay! We did it…we got an hour and a half without stopping. Half way through, we are in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Where I was out by the time my head hit the pillow.


Good morning! I got up to make a post and eat some breakfast.


Until Next Time,
I am hoping we can drive straight through this time!


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