Washington DC Day 3

“Today will be a better Day” I said.
“APRIL FOOOOOOOLS” said my optimism as we started our day. Lol

Misery…it is the only thing I can say about yesterday. My big guy crying over every single thing. We figured fresh air would help, it was such a beautiful day.

We drove to where the monuments were, we will sit at the park, maybe catch a monument or two. It would be a fine day. APRIL FOOLS!!! Just as we got there, my big guy had a meltdown which is alien territory for us and would not stop. So we turned around and went back to the hotel…At the hotel,we decided that it just was not worth it. So we packed up.

Even though our room was prepaid for another day, we turned in our room keys and drove 8 hours home.

I was determined and I was going to make it home if it was the last thing I did. I took the fist four hours, then Babe took the last four. We slept wonderfully.

Until Next Time,

Home Sweet Home

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