Get Rid of it!!! Day 24

So I went crazy today! Going through drawers, looking for things that do not get used so I can get rid of it! Declutter my friends, declutter. Here is what I came up with…

Clothes, of course! Like I said, if it does not fit… Get Rid of it!!!

CDs, DVDs, books I bought 12 years ago, swimming diapers, tights I never wrote and a magnifying mirror. Thank you, but I don’t care to see my pores so closely! Get Rid of it!

Small water shoes, a foot guard from when someone fractured my toe (what are the chances I will need that again?). A baby float, gripe water that is like 4 years old (ew, I know!) And my infected metal from last year’s Zombie Mud Run! It was a blast, but I am over it!

I think I have made it up for the 11 days I will be gone! I am looking forward to having fun in the sun!

Until Next Time My Friend,

Can you say “Spring Cleaning”?


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