Hilton Head!!! Day 4

We are staying in this beautiful place with 6 other people. My in-laws.


Total we are 5 adults and 5 children. As you can imagine, things can get chaotic. All you hear is “mommy, momma, mom” at some points it is constant. Sometimes, you can’t tell if it’s your own kids or not.

Too much stimulation for my brain. Even my big guy has been requesting alone time, which I happily grant him.

Yesterday, I took my three boys after breakfast and went for a walk. The boys fell asleep in a stroller and Babe and I took the opportunity to go to the Market Cafe and have some coffee and hummus with veggies. Ahhhh, now that is what a call a vacation.

We bought the boys a little bag of lizard toys and of we went to the pool. Empty house…


My three boys enjoying the pool. It was fun and quiet. After that, we went to the beach with everyone else.

I ended up going off of my own and played in the sand and then took a bath in the Jacuzzi tub.

We ended the night at The Wreck of the Salty Dog restaurant which was really not such a great experience. Our waitress was great, but there was discrepancies with our reservations and the food was okay.

Great day overall! I appreciate being here, but I am missing my home.

Until Next Time my Friend,

From Hilton Head Island in South Carolina…. PEACE OUT!!!

Get Rid of it!!! Day 31

Finally, something that feels normal. The internet connection is not so good here so I have not been able to get my nightly WordPress fix! But I am at the beach where I get a solid two bars! HOORAY!!!

While searching for under garments, I found a brassiere with a wire exposed. Instead of getting aggravated, it made me super excited!


It was really old and you guys don’t need to see it. Regardless, it’s time to what? GET RID OF IT!!!

Until Next Time My Friend,

Stay thirsty my friend! Lol