Hilton Head!!! Day 5&6

Saturday was supposes to be a rainy, yucky day. We figured that since it was not raining, we’d check out the the beach!

It was comfortable, so we stayed all day at the beach. We saw dolphins really close TWICE!!! I had a moment of pure excitement until I saw a jelly fish, then I ran to the shore as if it was chasing me, come to find out…it was dead. 😂a crab was eating it.

After getting in for the night, we realized that we fried to a crisp, my fair skinned boy was red in the face in spite of having sun screen on and my husband who asked me to apply it to his back…had burn spots. While he sarcastically thanked me for putting sun screen on him, I pointed out that everyone had multiple layers of it on and still burned. Needless to say, we bought a new bottle.

Sunday, was supposed to be sunny, instead it sprinkled here and there. My sis in law had guests and so it was a pool day!

The kids played well with my big guy. My little guys played by himself, he’s good at that.

We feastedĀ  on good ol’ American food. Hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and then called it a night!

The boys have had a great time! I miss my home, just not the weather!

Until Next Time My Friend,

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?